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Busan Metro and Map
How to get around Busan

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All directional signs on the Busan Metro Subway are written in Korean and English.

The voice announcement inside the trains indicating the upcoming station, possible line transfer and exiting side are all spoken in Korean and then followed by English.

All announcements at stations for arriving trains are in Korean and English, and then Japanese and Mandarin.

Busan Metro Website

The use of a subway pass, either a Hanaro Card (하나로카드) or a Digital Busan Card (디지털부산카드) will offer a fare discount of 10% to adults and 20% to youth of 13-18 of age. Both the Hanaro and the Digital Busan cards, are available in either card format or a more compact, yet slightly more expensive cell phone accessory format.

The passes are equipped with a microchip and are scanned by laying them against sensor plates at the entrance and exit of stations. This makes them more efficient than magnetic stripe cards since they can be detected through a wallet or purse. Hanaro Cards are for sale at all stations for 2000 won.

All type of passes can have credit added to them in any station at the "Automatic Charge Machine" (교통카드 자동 보충기); the instructions are available in both English and Korean. The passes can also be used to pay for bus fares and for purchases on specially equipped vending machines throughout the city.


Line Name
Line Name

Starting Station

Ending Station


Total Length

Line 1
1호선 Sinpyeong Nopo 34 32.5 km
Line 2
2호선 Jangsan Yangsan 42 45.2 km
Line 3
3호선 Suyeong Daejeo 17 18.3 km
Line 4
4호선 Minam Anpyeong 14 10.8 km
부산-김해경전철 Sasang Kaya University 21 23.4 km

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