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Duty Free Allowances for Korea

Directly from the Korea Customs website: You are allowed to bring in one liter of alcohol (limited to a value of US$400 or less), one carton (or 200) cigarettes and up to 60 milliliters of perfume.  While the graphic states "less than 1L", other places on the Korea Customs website state that one liter is fine. It is probably only a matter of transliteration from Korea to English

Individuals under the age of nineteen are not allowed the tax exemption for liquor and cigarettes.

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Additional Duty Free issues for Korea:
Duty free allowance for agricultural, livestock and aquatic products (medicinal herbs)

The duty free allowance is within the total weight of 50kg and the acquisition price overseas must be less than 100,000 won and they must pass the inspection.

Classification Unit Classification Unit
Sesame oil, sesame seed, honey, bracken, deodeok 5Kg Ginseng (fresh ginseng, white ginseng, red ginseng and Phellinus linteus) 300g
pine nuts 1Kg Deer antlers 150g
Beef 10Kg Other items for medicinal herbs 3Kg
Other items 5Kg    

※When the volume or weight per unit exceeds the duty free allowance, the tax is imposed on the whole.

*****  Duty Free Allowances for Korea are Subject to Change without Notice - at any time *****

Please double check the Korea Customs website for any changes or updates.


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