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Seoul Subway System

The Seoul Subway/Metro system is probably one of the easier systems in the world for getting around a large city. All directional signs in the Seoul Subway are written in both Korean and English. You'll also find that station signs and some maps may display Hanja. The pre-recorded voice announcement in the trains indicating the upcoming station, possible line transfer and exiting side are all in Korean followed by English, and in some cases also Japanese and Chinese.

See the map below and also - for more details - see the Seoul Metro Website

Click on the map below for a printable version [ opens in a new window ]

Seoul Metro is a public corporation which runs the Seoul Subway Lines 1 to 4. From 1970 to 2006, it was called Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation.


Line Name
Line Name
Starting Station(s)
Ending Station(s)
Total Length
in km
Line 1
1호선 Seoul Station Cheongnyangni 7.8 km
Line 2
2호선 Circular line through City Hall with 2 extensions 60.2 km
Line 3
3호선 Jichuk Ogeum 38.2 km
Line 4
4호선 Dangogae Namtaeryeong 31.1 km


The main area of any station has a ticket counter where tickets are purchased and T-Money transportation cards are recharged. A row of automatic ticket dispensing machines offer a quick way to buy tickets for those who do not wish to wait to interact with the real person behind the ticket counter.

A map above the ticket dispensing machines explains the cost for each destination in the system; prices are charged by how far the user rides. These main areas of the station are often decorated with art, and often feature a fish tank. Also, a "library" area is common, with books and chairs for people waiting to meet someone. Each main area leads to at least one ticket gate. In order to enter or exit the ticket gates the rider must insert his or her ticket, or scan a T-Money card against the card pad.

The Metropolitan Subway in Seoul is one of the most heavily used rapid transit systems in the world, which services 7 million passengers by the metropolitan system alone and well over 8 million trips daily by the greater system's sixteen lines consisted of the Seoul Metro, Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation & Korail commuter lines.

The system serves Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi-do, northern Chungcheongnam-do, and western Gangwon-do. There are connections to the Incheon International Airport Railroad (A'REX) at Seoul Station and Gimpo Airport, and a free transfer with the single-line Incheon Subway system at Bupyeong on Seoul Subway Line 1.


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