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Korea is a Wonderland of Surprises

While it is easy to recommend the usual temple tours, shopping malls, etc
- we can offer you some insight by people who have actually lived in Korea for years.

#1: Get out of the cities and see beautiful Korea

Get away from the crowds, rent or borrow a car and head out to the area around Chungju ( Choong-ju or even Choongjoo these days) and drive the roads and back roads around the big lake and river (see Google Earth) - SE of Seoul about 90 minutes - a very easy drive.  The major highways are marked in Korean and English, no need to get lost.

There are some very subtle things that Korea has to offer that are not at first obvious. The back country roads can be astoundingly beautiful and up most big canyons will be lovely temples you never even hear about. (Just as lovely or even more so than the famous ones). The roads are unusually good and you will meet a different kind of Korea out there - nice simple cordial warm country people - mostly rice farmers.

There are many other similar places and they are just about everywhere. 

The east coast of Korea, particularly around and north of Busan is also amazingly beautiful.

#2: Check out Buddha's Birthday

Sometimes called the Lantern Festival, this spectacular festival of color and light is celebrated in every temple though out the land.  Even a modest neighborhood temple will surprise you with the time and effort expended and the wonderful result.

#3: Experience a Korea Singing Room (No Rae Bang)

Many people are afraid of singing in public, but the Korean singing rooms
are more like singing in the shower  - with friends!   These are small private
rooms, usually dressed out like boutique hotel rooms - in the extreme!  There is
only room for a few people in most rooms and you can have a ball!  The sound
systems are super and you can order drinks and snacks and just sit back and enjoy.
It's just you and a few friends and you'll soon be hooked.

#4: Experience Korean Markets

Every major city will have one huge market if not many.  You can often find high quality shoes or clothing - seconds with usually only minor flaws - for a tiny fraction of the price you would pay "back home".  Always interesting and always with an incredible variety of products.  Food items in particular will shock those not familiar with the more common edible bugs and other items . . .

#5: Experience Korean Food

Delightful, tasty, unusual - Koreans are extremely proud of their cuisine.  All you have to do is ask.
Great information about the cuisine, including photos can be found at Wikipedia.


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